Living through a global pandemic, all of us are spending significantly more time in our homes. We are getting intimately familiar with every single nook and cranny, and are beginning to truly understand the true value of home, especially a well-designed one. In fact, the design of your home is a key factor in making it not only warm and comforting but safe, too—both during and after COVID-19.  And let’s face it.... the world is shifting with the average life expectancy continuing to increase and families sharing the responsibilities of home life with many homes becoming multi-generational. Studies done by AARP recognizes that people prefer to stay in their homes. This is where Universal Design steps in. Leveraging concepts in Universal Remodeling, you can make your home safe, inviting, and accessible for all residents without sacrificing design.

COVID-19 (more commonly called the “coronavirus”) has disrupted many of our daily lives. Even if we aren’t in hotspots like Seattle or New York City, the effects of the coronavirus have caused us to spend more time indoors and participate in social distancing.

Simply put, for at least the next few weeks, we are going to be spending substantially more time in our homes.

Because of this, it is absolutely worth your time to make your home more comfortable and enjoyable. This is where biophilic design is relevant. It can make your home a sanctuary—no matter its size or where it is located. 

Some Basics About Biophilic Design

If you haven’t yet heard of biophilic design, it is essentially a way that building occupants can connect with their natural environment. This occurs through things like direct and indirect nature, space conditions, and place conditions. At its core, biophilic design is trying to relate to our primitive past. While we may not need to live in the jungle or savannah, biophilic design is trying to extract that genetic connection to the natural world.

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