The Perfect White for Ceilings, Trim, Doors and More

The Perfect White for Ceilings, Trim, Doors and More

 The Perfect White for Ceilings, Trim, Doors and More 

Last week I rounded up my favorite white paint selection for walls. Today I’ll be reviewing my favorite selection for doors, ceilings, and trim! When picking a white for these pieces, you want your color to be consistent, transitional across many styles, and clean. I always look for my color selection to translate to base moldings, doors, trim, and ceilings seamlessly, no matter the aesthetic—modern, rustic, or traditional. Without further ado, I present to you my top 4 picks.  

White Dove

To start us off, we have White Dove, a bestselling Benjamin Moore color, industry staple, and one of my go-to picks!  This softly shaded white is both bright and luminous and a staple for moldings and trim. This shade is extremely versatile, allowing the space’s focus to be on other colors, sculptures, and art pieces. 

Super White

Next, we have Super White. As its name implies, this is a clean, crisp color, is probably the closet shade that resembles the stereotypical white. This brilliant, almost sparkling white helps to add clarity and simplicity and any space. This color has a very mild gray-blue undertone making it a slightly cool white. This shade is perfect for people looking for a white without warmth!  


Simply White

Another favorite of mine is Simply White. This shade has a yellow undertone to it, so it’s warmer than Super White. Its warm undertones are noticeable to the eye but in the best of ways! Opting for this shade will add a bit of life to your space without it looking like you are painting on a color. This color’s warmth has an inviting feel to it and is far from overly stark or sterile, making it a fan favorite.  

Decorator’s White

Last on the list is Decorator’s White. This shade is a member of Benjamin Moore’s Interior Ready-Mixed Family, which offers 12 distinctive hues explicitly designed for interior use. The perfect balance of creamy and cool, Decorator’s White is a true, modern white with a slight blue undertoneIt works well in all applications and with every kind of light source. My go-to pick when I am looking for a bright, clean white!  


There you have it, my all-time favorite white selections! From painting your guest bath to a neutral living space, and the perfect shade for your trim, I hope this round-up covers all your new paint needs. If you liked this summary, let me know if you would be interested in learning about some of my go-to color picks next!  

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