Get Connected on Valentine’s Day…in the Kitchen

Get Connected on Valentine’s Day…in the Kitchen

Getting connected in the kitchen has never been easier or smarter.

Smart kitchen gadgets combine tech with traditional appliances and guide you through the cooking process to help make cooking easier. They also free up your schedule so you’re not spending unnecessary time watching your meal cook — many of the appliances below pair with apps that let you monitor and adjust temperatures, cooking times, and power switches remotely.

Whether you’re a novice who is typically afraid of stepping foot into the kitchen, or a seasoned cook who wants to multitask, the following smart kitchen appliances can help you create the perfect meal.

Here are 5 kitchen appliances we are loving for 2020:

Samsung’s 4 Door Refrigerator with Family Hub

This is but one of Samsung’s line of smart fridges equipped with Family Hub and Bixby, Samsung’s voice assistant. Family Hub is basically like having a tablet screen built into your fridge door that also works as a memo board, and you can all access it from your phones. Plus, the fridge has a built-in camera, so if you’re ever out at the grocery store wondering if you have enough eggs at home, you can just take a peek inside from your phone.

GE Smart Countertop Microwave Oven

If you’ve ever wished you could simply talk to your microwave, now’s your chance. This GE microwave connects to Amazon Alexa, so you can control it with your voice. It also has scan-to-cook technology that helps cook your food perfectly every time.

Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer

Sure, it can’t connect to Alexa, but this handy, affordable little gadget is a lifesaver in the kitchen. For recipes that need constant stirring, just pop it in the pan, set the timer, and it’ll stir your dish for you—no elbow grease required.

Balance Smart Person Blender

This smart blender connects to Bluetooth, and through its app, you can update your grocery list and track nutritional information for all your favorite smoothies.

Cue Smart Burner and Induction Fry Pan

Boy, do I need this! Embedded sensors in both the cooktop and the pan allow them to connect to the Cue’s accompanying app, guiding you through recipes and ensuring that you never over or undercook a meal again.

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