Sectional Checklist

Sectional Checklist

Sectional Checklist 

The sectional sofa offers the most seating in a single piece of furniture and it’s no wonder with its customizable, comfortable options it is making its way into virtually every home.  From fabric, depth, size, shape, and more, you may not know where to begin with your selection, so today, I’ll be breaking down my Sectional Checklist. 

✓ First up on the list: Measure your space

Although you want your sectional to be large and comfortable, you do not want to force an oversized piece of furniture into a smaller space. In your measurements, consider the orientation of your sofa. If you opt for the common L-shaped sectional, you will need to decide if you want the L oriented to the left of the right. I recommend placing the L opposite the entryway to keep the room feeling open. 

✓ Next up: Depth 

Now that we have measured our space and know what size sofa we are looking for, we can narrow down our selection by depth. For maximum comfort, I recommend a minimum inside depth of 24-inch cushions to sit, lounge, and lay. 

✓ Choosing your Fill

With measurements and depth decided, it is time to pick how you want your sofa to look. If you are looking for something clean-lined that will maintain its shape, you may opt for something foam-filled. However, if you prefer comfort and do not mind the cushions taking shape, down-filled might be the perfect selection for you. I often recommend a foam sofa wrapped in down to suffice both comfort and sleek appearance. 

✓ Picking the perfect Fabric

The fabric that you choose can also play into appearance, comfort, and durability. From polyester to linen, velvet, microfiber, and more, you may be overwhelmed. I recommend asking yourself a few key questions to drive this decision. First, consider your need for stain resistance. If you have little ones around or foresee a need for touchups in your future, I’d advise a stain-resistant fabric and to steer clear of velvet. For additional comfort, you may opt for a cotton blend over a weave. 

✓ A Color to Last

With design trends moving in and out, most commonly, my clients opt for a neutral sofa. Whites, creams, soft beiges, and grays will help open up your room, leaving a light and airy space. If upkeep is a prime concern, I recommend going one shade darker to a charcoal gray or navy to help conceal daily wear and tear. Performance fabric has come a long way and can offer maintenance free without sacrificing a soft hand. 

✓ Invest in Quality

Last but not least, invest. With so many sectionals on the market today, they range in price and value. Though a whole piece can be costly, I’d recommend you choose a brand that will carry you through different stages of life. The beauty of this piece of furniture is that the purchase can be made over time. If you are a new homeowner, you may purchase two parts and build off the sofa bit by bit or as your space increases. 


There you have it; my ultimate sectional checklist! I hope this helps guide your next selection, and as always, I’d love to see your living space and sectional styling! 

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