Vibrant Additions to the Designers Tool Kit

Vibrant Additions to the Designers Tool Kit

Picking the right paint color can be a daunting task. Whether you’re looking for something neutral, clean, or bold, color options are endless. To make this task easier, Benjamin Moore has launched its Color Portfolio App and ColorReader to simplify the color selection process. 

Through the use of their color-matching app and ColorReader device, Benjamin Moore helps eliminate the guesswork out of your new color selection. Their partnership with Datacolor, a leader in color technology, has enabled them to create a portable ColorReader. This provides users with immediate, precise color matches from any surface. 

Benjamin Moore customers can download their free Color Portfolio application, which provides them with digital versions of color fan decks, real-time photo masking, and augmented reality for live video masking. Their application is designed for iOS and Andriod phones and tablets, and with this technology, you can sample a paint color with one quick tap! 

We spoke with Toni Germie, our Architectural & Design Representative from Benjamin Moore about the latest technology where she noted;

   Benjamin Moore remains committed to providing innovative products and services that help make our customers’ jobs more efficient, while instilling confidence in their paint selections. One recent introduction designed to enhance and simplify the color selection process is the Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio app and integrated ColorReader device – making expert grade tools available for professionals on mobile devices. During a time when so many are working remotely, using the Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio app to ‘try on’ colors in a client’s space using a photo they provide can help keep the consultation process moving in lieu of physical visits.    

Whether you are a designer, home renovator, or an avid lover of color, the Benjamin Moore Color Reader provides its users with a world of opportunity. If you’re looking for a way to match paint on old walls or the color of an accent piece, give this new gadget a try!

 To read more about Benjamin Moore’s latest technology, you can find all the details here: Color Portfolio Paint Matching App 


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