Signature Kitchen Suites: True to Food Experience

Signature Kitchen Suites: True to Food Experience

I recently had the honor of being invited to the Napa Valley region to experience the luxury brand appliance, Signature Kitchen Suites. Along with about 25 other east coast NKBA designers, we worked with on-site executive Chef Nick to acquaint ourselves firsthand with the capabilities of these incredible appliances. SKS boasts the tagline “True to Food” and demonstrates respect for food at every level by delivering performance, design and precision.

Not only were SKS appliances incredibly streamlined and beautiful, they use leading-edge LG technology that are wifi enabled, easy to use and flexible, embracing new generation of forward-thinking cooks they have labeled “Technicureans.”™ I loved the wine columns – designed for precise wine preservation in a cave-like environment, the integrated column refrigeration and the new dishwasher we were privy to but sworn to secrecy as it has not be released. When a group of designers collectively “ohhhh” over something, that says something!

But that one thing. Of all the sigh worthy appliances, I was incredibly impressed with the like-no-other 48″ Dual Fuel Pro Range featuring the option of gas, induction and sous vide all on one cooktop! After our cooking experience we all agreed sous vide is where it is at! Originating in France in the early 70’s and used primarily in restaurants, the art of cooking sous vide (pronounced “soo vee” and means under vacuum) and has gained recent popularity in home kitchens for its delivery of perfectly cooked food. By vacuum-sealing the food and its seasonings in plastic pouches and then cooking it slowly in a temperature-controlled water bath, it not only cooks thoroughly but retains intense flavor and takes out the guesswork. After cooking sous vide, the food can be quickly broiled or grilled to finish. I have never seen a range that has this capability! And with induction and gas as well! The induction feature allows quick cooking for other items, such as boiling water for pasta while the other menu items are heating up. It is the perfect time saving solution.

48″ Dual Fuel Pro Range photo courtesy of SKS

Sou vide, gas and induction on one cooktop


Using the gas portion of the range to simmer tomatoes for pasta

Chef Nick demonstrates the perfectly cooked sous vide porterhouse

Sous vide melon and avocado salad

Toni and Maria flawlessly grilling the corn after cooking it sous vide

Sous vide corn on the cob – the best corn I have ever had!

SKS Design Center dining room

As designers, we are invited to many trainings. This one was significant because the product is fairly new but incredibly unique and special.  We all agreed Signature Kitchen Suites appliances are extraordinary and we will be educating the public to their exceptional capabilities.

A special thank you to SKS for a first class experience in Napa, and to Toni Sabatino and Max Schwartz!

NKBA on the loose!

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