Cindy Allen’s Year In Review

Cindy Allen’s Year In Review

Cindy Allen’s Year in Review with host Suzie Williford

As this turbulent year draws to a close, I’m looking at design lessons that will have a lasting mark beyond 2020. I had the wonderful opportunity to sit in on a session hosted by Suzie Williford, where she sat down with design expert Cindy Allan. In this special year-end episode, Suzie and Interior Design’s Cindy Allen discuss the impact of 2020, a year that has disrupted all aspects of our personal and work lives. All was not doom and gloom, however, and the two also highlight the bright spots.

Cindy, Editor in Chief of Interior Design, detailed her journey and how she got to where she is today. A self-described “design junkie,” Cindy remembers that she loved attending tag sales with her mom and visiting her family’s print warehouse in Brooklyn even as a child. Cindy got her start in the industry first as an assistant at Calvin Klien cosmetics and later worked in Marketing for a company. It was her Ad Placements in her marketing role that landed her in her current position.

Though she loves interior design, it never occurred to Cindy to be a formal designer. She is tied to the media side of the industry. Her work at Interior Design Magazine is outstanding, and in a time that is continuously looking to marry both print and digital, Cindy marries the two seamlessly. She talks about the recent launch of Design TV to connect with people outside the walls of a physical magazine and create a space for thoughtful conversation.

One of Cindy’s most notable accomplishments is her creation of Interior Design’s Best of the Year Awards, a global design awards program dedicated to the year’s best products, projects, and people. Now celebrating its 15th year, Cindy saw the need for more industry recognition almost two decades ago. The idea stemmed from their Hall of Fame event, in which Cindy felt so much talent was left unrecognized. The BOY Awards were created to celebrate and honor the work of all those in the industry.

Suzie wrapped her conversation with Cindy by discussing design in our current environment. In a year dominated by politics and a pandemic, Cindy concluded with what design elements she thinks this year will be remembered for. Number one, a conversation about airflow. She noted that unobstructed airflow is essential from an open window to a hotel or office terrace. Second, hygiene. As designers, we think about beauty and function first, but as a whole, wellness includes hygiene. Lastly, Cindy noted the ever importance of the kitchen and bath this year. She spoke about the importance of the spaces and how she thinks this will transcend for years to come.


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