Autumnal Charcuterie Board

Autumnal Charcuterie Board

As a council member for Monogram, I have the great privilege to learn from some of the best in the industry. Recently, I attended a seminar with Chef Jon Liddell, where I learned the top tips and tricks to creating the perfect charcuterie board. I decided to try it out for myself and add in some seasonal touches. Try this out for your next family dinner!

The key to an outstanding cheese board is to incorporate various items for all of your guests to enjoy. From soft spreads, fresh fruit, aged cheese, and crisp crackers, theres something for everyone on this spread. 


Begin with the board

Choose you board based on the number of guests you plan to serve. Here, we opted for a wooden board that will serve 5-7 guests. 

Add Small Jars

Next, add jars to anchor where the rest of your items will go. These jars will hold spreads, nuts, and olives, though you don’t worry about filling them for now.

Cured Meat River

From mortadella, to prosciutto and salami, there are many options of meat to choose from. Pick your favorites and gently fold them into ribbons. Line them up into a flowing river across your board. 

Add your Cheese

Next up, its the star of the show- the cheese! Mix cheddar, gouda, and brie to provide the ultimate spread. It’s important to precut some slices so your guests feel welcome to enjoy. 

Next up, Some Cruch

What’s a cheese board with nothing to spread it on? Add a various assortment of crackers. Opt for different textures, shapes, and flavors. 

Final Touches

Last up, add some finishing touches to complete your masterpiece! Fresh fruit is a quick way to add a bright and refreshing touch. Here we completed the dish with some fresh rosemary for our final touch. 

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