Gold Leaf Pumpkins

Gold Leaf Pumpkins

 If you are looking to make your fall setup a standout, try adding a bit of gold leaf to your pumpkins! This easy DIY adds just the right amount of glam to any space. You can opt for faux or real pumpkins and top them with gold and copper. They’re the perfect addition to help you transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving. 

Getting Started

Gold Leaf can be a bit intimidating, but these pumpkins are perfectly imperfect. The more rough, cracked, and distressed the better! For this simple project, all you will need is gold leaf, spray adhesive, and pumpkins! We used Craft Smart gold leaf, but any brand will suffice; 


Step 1: Prep the Pumpkin

If opting for a real pumpkin this season, you will need to begin by cleaning it. Grab a Clorox wipe and remove and dirt or buildup. This will help to prevent your pumpkin from any premature rotting. 


Step 2: Spray adhesive

Generously spray your pumpkin with adhesive. Keep in mind, the gold leaf will only stick to the portion of the pumpkin that you spray. If you are looking to fully cover your pumpkin in gold, be sure to coat the entire surface evenly. (Be sure to spray your stem if you are looking to have it be gold!) 


Step 3: Wait

Wait for your adhesive to get tacky. Typically this takes about five minuets. Tip: If you are working on more than one pumpkin you can take this time to prep the others! 


Step 4: apply Gold Leaf

Begin to apply the gold leaf. Take your time in gently placing the gold leaf to any area that has adhesive. Gently rub the sheets to follow the natural groves of the pumpkins. Continue this process to cover your entire pumpkin. 

Step 5: Reveal and Enjoy

Gently pull the wax covering off of the gold leaf. If you have open area you are still looking to cover, repeat step 4 until you have the perfect amount of gold! These pumpkins will typically last until the Holidays so they make for the perfect seasonal transition. Make them for a fun activity with loved ones, an eye catching piece of decor, or lovely house warming gift! 


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