Houseplants for a Healthy Happy Home

Houseplants for a Healthy Happy Home

As a designer, I have a deep passion for designing healthy, balanced spaces for my clients to love. The simple addition of a houseplant not only adds visual interest but also provides an array of health benefits. Your lifeless interior may be lacking a simple live addition. If you’re not quite sure where to start, we’ve broken down a list of our favorite options for greenery in the home.

Whether your space is dim and dark or warm and bright, there is a perfect solution for your home. It’s important to consider where you want to put your plant before purchasing to ensure the lighting will be optimal for its growth.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Ranking top on our list is this stunning ficus lyrata, better known as a fiddle leaf fig. This is an excellent option for spaces with high ceilings but limited floor space. The fiddle produces bright green waxy leaves and requires minimal watering, making this stunning plant a breeze to care for. Place it in a spot in your home that is bright but not in direct light and watch it grow! 


Though not typically grown indoors, Lavander will provide any space with a bright pop of color and scent the home naturally. Lavender grows best in warm, bright light, like a south-facing window. 


Myer Lemon Tree

If the scent of Lavender sparked your interest, you would love this tree. When the plant blooms, you will have not only delicious lemons but also a beautiful fragrance provided by the citrus blooms. The maintenance on this tree drops with age, but to start, you will only need to water once a week, keeping the soil moist. Place it in a space with bright light, and you will have fresh lemons in no time! 


Snake Plant

This plant is not only beautiful but absorbs more carbon dioxide than most making it optimal for air purification. They come in an array of sizes and only need to be watered when the soil is dry. It will thrive in almost any lighting, and its tall leaves provide an abundance of visual interest. 


Pothos Plant

I love a plant with lingering leaves. The pothos plant can be poted or hung and will thrive in almost any setting. Beyond its simplicity to care for, its stunning. 


Air Plants

Rounding off our list is this neat plant that does even require soil. Yes, air plants are the perfect solution for people who just don’t seem to have a green thumb. All they need is a simple soak in water every one to two weeks!


If you are looking to add some life to your home, opt for one of these beautiful plants. Their lifespan is much longer than that of cut flowers and are sure to bring you joy among a long list of other benefits. 

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