Smart kitchen and bathroom trends for 2016

Smart kitchen and bathroom trends for 2016

According to trend forecaster Dave Nemeth and managing director of Hansgrohe SA David Cooper, 2016 will be the year of technology in the kitchen and bathroom.

New technology and a return to the Bauhaus principles of design will see function start to follow form. Here are the top kitchen and bathroom trends for 2016…

Clever kitchens
According to Nemeth, kitchens will be driven by the term ‘the internet of things’ going forward, “where it is not just humans that interact electronically but our environments and appliances too.”

Kitchens that communicate with us
“The overriding importance of the cooking space will be less on the aesthetic and more on the functionality. The kitchen area will increasingly communicate with us. For example, fridges, pantries and spice racks will be able notify you via your mobile phone what is running low and add it to your grocery list. Ovens will be programmed to cook the perfect meal and alert us when the dishes are ready. Screens placed in strategic areas, will allow for immediate access to millions of recipes via voice command and will identify whether you have all the ingredients needed for the recipe.”

While this technology is imminent, there are already highly sophisticated offerings from Hansgrohe that make the lives of the chef much easier, says Cooper. The Axor Citterio Select is an example of modern convenience coupled with high-quality design. The Select technology allows the water flow and temperature on your kitchen mixer to be pre-set with options which allow the mixer to intuitively and practically meet the cook’s needs.”

The slow food movement isn’t going anywhere
Nemeth says that the ‘foodie’ trend made popular through food shows and the ‘Slow Food Movement,’ will continue with kitchens being used increasingly by all members of the family.

“As a result, kitchens in 2016 will continue to be driven more by form than function but we’ll also see tactile elements being introduced. We can expect to see thinner, more durable counter tops made from stainless steels, brass and concrete. In terms of colours, hot trends are brass and copper.”


Hotspot haven bathrooms
Nemeth said bathrooms will continue to grow in importance.

“They are now a huge focal point in the overall design of the interior space. For instance the main en-suite bathroom is being treated increasingly as an extension of the master bedroom. Bathrooms are larger and far more open and we expect this trend to continue.”

“The bathroom will become more of a social wellness centre, where the focus is on relaxation and where a couple can interact. Another hot trend is integration with exterior areas – outdoor showers and baths are a firm favourite of modern architecture and showing no signs of going away.”

Check social media in the bathroom mirror
Bathrooms are also ready to embrace technology. Nemeth says some fascinating advancements will very slowly begin to make their way into everyday life.

“We’re seeing mirrors that double up as info stations. So while you brush your teeth or do your make-up, you are able to check social media, the weather or news.

Mood lighting
“Changeable mood lighting and sound are two highly valuable assets and assist in taking the stresses of our manic lives away. And the ultimate luxury, towels can be now be heated via mobile activation from your smart phone as you leave your office…”

Eco-friendly features at the touch of a button
Cooper says innovations in kitchen means that traditional taps are fast being replaced by highly sophisticated technology that allows the users to have complete control of temperature and water volume at the touch of a button.

The Talis Select S mixers feature a number of technological innovations engrossed around the intuitive operation of the Select button. This highly convenient, ergonomic and environmentally friendly feature allows users the convenience of keeping water volume and temperature constant at the touch of a button.

New showers offer spa-like treatments
Cooper says: “One of the biggest advancements in this area has come in the form of the shower. Hansgrohe’s Rainmaker with larger overhead showers conveniently covers the entire body with water, allowing for longer relaxation periods in the shower, The Select button in this instance switches between four water flow choices Rain XL ,Mono, RainSteam or RainFall offering the same tantalizing experience one would enjoy in a spa”.

He said that the Hansgrohe Rainmaker Select is a great example of technological advancement in this area. “Our new shower solutions offer the world of concealed installations more features, more design and convenient operation at the touch of a button. This concept is based on an innovative shut-off valve, which enables the water flow to be controlled at the simple touch of a button, and no longer by rotating. The person showering can easily turn the water on and off or select the required jet type, all at the touch of a button.”

Nemeth says it is clear from these trends that developments will be driven by technology and the aesthetic will be based on accommodating these great advancements. “We are essentially going back to the Bauhaus school of thought where form follows function.”

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